Bitton Farm

Organic Lavender - Heirloom Flowers and Vegetables - Fruit - Heirloom Walnuts

Bitton Farm


Bitton Farm, established in 2017, is a small farm situated near the Yuba River in Marysville, California. We grow organic lavender, heirloom flowers and vegetables, fruit, and heirloom walnuts. Our farm is a place where we use sustainable and organic growing practices to provide healthy and local products to the community. In fall 2017, we began establishing a pollinator garden, planting 128 Grosso Lavender plants as well as California native wildflower seeds.  Our hope is to help contribute to sustaining bees, bats, hummingbirds, and other pollinators, by providing a healthy foraging environment for them to thrive and a place where we can educate others about the importance of pollinators.

Our Walnuts

Exhibited in the Panama Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915, John Hartley introduced a light, sweet, and delicious walnut variety to California.

Bitton Farm has 142 heirloom Hartley Walnut trees. Planted in 1964, our trees produce a beautiful, light-colored walnut.